New page! Next page will be Sauturday-Then hopefully we’ll be going back to two pages per week for a couple of weeks 🙂

I’ve been reading a lot of ‘One Piece’ lately and I noticed they tend to do one panel drawings to show what other characters are up to and I thought ‘That could work for ‘By the Book’!-So, hopefully in future I’ll be including a few pics like this between scenes to show what other groups are doing-At least until we can get back to them with some proper comic pages 🙂 Meg&co and maybe Freya, Vaznev and Romulus Volk need a bit of attention I think 😉

This scene is getting towards a break-So after this I’ll do a pic or two of another group and then we’ll return to see what Goret and the others are up to beneath the cursed theme park 🙂



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