New page! Next Saturday will be the last ‘one page per week’ update. After that Wednesday updates will run as normal for as long as I can manage it. This style of intermission has worked okay. On the plus side I haven’t stopped altogether with publishing pages, but on the neg side I didn’t get such a big reserve of spare pages as I would have done if I’d just posted filler. Overall, not too bad though, and I did get more comments per page from you guys, which is nice 🙂

I’ve unlocked the goat lady vote pic as I think you guys made it to the target but I didn’t get around to updating it last month 😛 I need to make a holiday themed pic. Any preferences for a character you’d like to see?

Patreon’s going pretty well-if I continue to steadily rise I may be able to quit my job and do this full time-which would mean more art for you guys-more Patreon content and lots more free content too, which is the best kind (I like as many people to see my work as possible!). So, if you can afford it, any amount is very much appreciated 🙂

I should really set a target for this. Lets say $1200. If I can reach this then I’ll quit the retail job and devote myself fully to BTB and art. I’ll have to make a little each month from commissions too, but if I can maintain Patreon at roughly that level I should be okay. So if you can (and only if you can-I don’t want you guys to suffer on my account), then please pledge a little 🙂

A big THANK YOU! to all of my existing Patrons! You lot really help me to keep making BTB 🙂

Please vote every day if you can and thanks for reading! 😀