The finished cultist designs. They rely on the enhancing effects of their drug masks primarily for their combat power, being otherwise quite poorly equipped with cheap or improvised weapons and wearing padded armour along with masks designed to intimidate the enemy and hide the identity of the cult member. These masks may be leather or on occasion ceramic and give the cultists additional protection.
Prolonged use of the drug may result in mutation. A discoloration of the skin is not uncommon, along with other effects, such as an increase in stature and muscle mass.

I’ve been working hard on the next scene, though no actual pages have been completed yet. I’ve written a fair bit and done some story boarding, but most of the work has been on background elements. Some settings (wilderness or interiors for example) require relatively little in the way of backdrops, this new location needs a little more work however.

I know some creators look on backgrounds as being of little import compared to character art, but for me they are quite important-particularly for a fantasy setting-so I think all this work will be worth the effort. I hope to have all the background stuff done by the end of tomorrow. Then I can make some progress on new pages 🙂