Whew! That was a tough week! My old computer finally gave up the ghost last Sunday so I was forced into using my much newer ‘Windows 10’ machine-which still refuses to recognise my scanner despite many attempts at a wide variety of fixes. Also I can no longer use the ancient version of Photoshop I have (Photoshop 5?) as it won’t work on my new machine.

I managed to draw out 2 pages in the two days or so when I was updating my newer computer and trying to get the scanner to play ball and ended up installing Clip Studio Paint and the drivers for the scanner on my brother’s laptop so I could scan in the art on his machine (which is also Windows 10-scanner works fine on his computer though. My new computer is a butt). I transferred the files over to my new machine for colouring.

I also installed ‘Clip Studio Paint on my computer as I’d heard a lot of good things about it and didn’t want to sell a kidney so that I could keep using Photoshop. It’s been slow going as I’ve been learning how to make everything work but I managed to figure out how to do things eventually and have been getting quicker at it over the last couple of days.

I think in the long run this will be a good thing-This softeware seems far better than my ancient copy of photoshop. The brushes are great 🙂 So-This new page is the first to be coloured in Clip Studio Paint (vs Photoshop 5). I did my best to keep things consistent, though some of the settings are different on the new software so some of this required estimation and guesswork.

I also splashed out (in part to hopefully speed up production of pages, in part out of desperation at the lack of a working scanner) and got an art tablet-the sort that lets you draw on the screen. Not top of the range, but it should be a step up from my Bamboo 🙂 I’m HOPING to even draw the line art for the pages with this once I’ve practiced with it a bit (still pencils and paper at the moment). Once I get okay at using the softeware and the tablet I may even do some art streams 🙂

So-a tough time getting this page done on time and lots of big changes but I think it’ll be changes for the better in the long run 🙂

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