The censor fairy is taking a break today. Is this a step too far or just a more honest approach to the material? I don’t intend to have wall to wall nudity all the time in BTB, but maybe I should just let it happen when it happens (rather than covering it up)?

Welp-looks like Moroz is the victor in this little tussle! The fight is (finally) getting into the end game :) It’s been a bit slow going for a medium that releases 2 pages per week (fights tend to eat pages without progressing the story very quickly) but I think it’s been worth it. This comic is quite fighty, so skimping on the combat would be stupid. I also think we’ve learned a lot about these characters during the battle-and as our gnolls are going to be the main villains (or at least the hand of the main villain) in the early stages of the story I think that was a worthwhile investment :)

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