The first of two filler pages. Work continues on the comic so worry ye not-Two pages done and a third well under way 🙂 Normal service will resume this time next week and on Saturday I’ll be posting some mountain gnoll uniform designs 🙂

Above we have Rath with some additions to his wardrobe (a magic vest and leg guards or gaiters)as well as slightly shorter hair and an eye patch (being a goblin is bad enough in civilised lads-having an eye that glows with hellish energy could make things even trickier+ eye patches are frickin’ bad-ass, so he may start wearing his again).

Kazu sports some new armour here. May or may not stick with this design. She has shorter hair also (they’re all getting a hair cut when they get to the first town) but I may not make it quite this short in the end-probably go more pixie cut rather than buzz cut with a tuft out front.

Zeen gets a fancy new outfit but no pants (he’s not a fan of pants). The first design is neat but the top hat makes him look a little too glitzy perhaps. I like the fez more. I’m pretty happy with the 2nd design, though I may do some more sketches before I settle on anything 🙂

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