New page! A little late, but my friends made me play D&D! XO Not sure how I feel about 5th ed. It’s so easy to understand and well designed. Where’s the fun in that?!!! The players are penetrating the bureaucracy!

I’m running a ‘warrior’ (fighter) called Astrid who’s mostly good at absorbing enemy attacks (sword and board Dexy fighter in leather armour). We have an elf ‘Treasure Hunter’ (rogue) who’s our DPS and a ‘Wanderer’ (ranger) whose tougher than the rogue and better at damage than me-so somewhere in the middle.

Zeen seems quite good for throwing-very aerodynamic. He should put that on his CV πŸ™‚

Next update will be the Valentines day pinup. I may use Vaznev. Past characters have been Kazu, Tamauran, Goret and Moroz so Vaznev seems like a good choice (though a suitable suggestion may sway me in another direction). I’m probably going with a ‘warrior of love’ theme again as I enjoy designing skimpy pink armour πŸ˜‰



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