New page! And vote pic is up to date now (though not for long-we’re nearly at the next milestone) 🙂 The Witch Sniffer was a good guess but I didn’t want one of the Nemean’s allies to be hit by the beam (she’s too good for that). I considered having it hit Rath but if I’d done that there would be no male bodies on show. Rath helps to balance things a bit in the ‘unclad sexy bods’ arena-even if the sexy three foot bunny dude is kind of a niche market 😉 I know there are some readers that prefer the male form so I try to include a bit of both 🙂

I finally managed to get to the cinema and see the new’ Avengers’ film today. Pretty good! Trying to make a movie with that many characters and with that many powers must be tough but they pulled it off really well. Can’t wait to watch it again on DVD 🙂
I saw trailers for the new Han Solo movie (which I wasn’t that bothered about but now I want to see) and Deadpool 2 (which I did want to see and now I REALLY want to see :)).
Lots of good stuff coming out in the next couple of months. Loads of cool new GW stuff was revealed today as well. Gotta stay focussed on the comic! It is my sworn duty to bring sexy cartoon fantasy characters to the world!

If you’d like to help me in that duty then please join my Patreon-If I can earn enough I can do this full time-Which will mean more content for all! Right-I’m rambling now. Next page will be Wednesday I hope 🙂 Have a good one!



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