I’m running a monk in a 5th ed game of D&D and for flavour I’ve gone with gentleman adventurer and pugilist. I’ve renamed all his class abilities as a result (eg-‘Flurry of blows’ becomes ‘A good sound thrashing’). He just gained an ability called ‘Tanquility’ which means enemies cannot attack him unless they pass a wisdom save. Tranquility didn’t sound right for him. I decided it would more be about the enemies not daring to strike a person of such noble bearing and with such a fine moustache. The new name for the ability is a little long but I think it works. It’s more a short Gilbert and Sullivan-esque verse than a traditional name-

‘Despite their cruel ferocity
There shan’t be an atrocity
It’s plain for every brute to see
My superciliousity’

I made ‘superciliousity’ up-Based on the word ‘spercilious’ 🙂 His other abilities are similarly titled (though the other appellations are generally more concise ;)).

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