It begins again! I’m primarily following two groups this chapter-the ‘main’ group (Rath, Zeen, Kazu, Alice) and this group (Gnolls of evil). It’s not ideal in terms of variety of activity (no combat for a little while yet for either group) but it does create quite a nice parallel-with both groups preparing for and then setting off on their journeys-and perhaps meeting eventually?
I’ll be providing glimpses into what other factions are up to though (like I did with Darksoul)-so it won’t ONLY be these two groups 🙂 Other factions may include- Vaznev,Galanesh,Bork&co,Darksoul, and the Steam Knights. No Lapan as he may be joining one of the factions-and no Freya as her story will be dealt with more in Chapter 6 🙂

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