Pinkie’s and Tigers and Bears, oh my! I was going to call Pinkie the Russian for pink, but I decided I liked ‘Pinkie’ more. I was also going to give Ursula the Russian word for bear as a name, but I preferred it this way-being derived from the Latin for bear. She’s still a mountain gnoll, but her large size and small tail and ears give her a bear like appearance, so the nickname stuck. She’s a powerful fighter as well as being an expert combat medic. A tank and a medic rolled into one 🙂

Pinkie is an assassin-rogue levels+ assassin levels-great DPS. She’s a real killer, though I don’t know if she’s actually killed anyone yet. Tiger is VERY powerful and definitely has the most combat experience of anybody present (with the possible exception of Vascarl-who has the combined experience of multiple dead warriors).

In terms of fighting power it’s between Vascarl, Kruger and Tiger as to who’s the strongest. Not sure where I’d put my money, but if I had to make a bet I’d say…Tiger-but not by much.


In an unrelated note I’m looking for MEN! Or women. Or anyone in between 🙂 What I need to somebody that knows about programming (and perhaps a bit of animation) to make a game(or games) with. Also, any recommendations for a good web designer as I’d like to make the official site a bit better. The game thing will be a collaboration and will hopefully be funded via Patreon/Steam sales (which would be shared) whilst the web design thing will be a paying gig. I’m not exactly loaded, but I’d rather pay for a pro job than try to get something sub-standard for free. So-anybody who can offer those services or any info on them would be most appreciated 😀 I’m posting this here as if I can find people that are already into my work it’ll probably be better than hiring somebody that’s not really into it 🙂


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