Phew-one more page to go and then intermission time. Been a bit of a struggle the last week or so as I’ve swapped over to my new computer. Windows 10 is TERRIBLE. Scanner doesn’t work properly and photoshop keeps crashing. That’s progress for you-what works flawlessly on my 10 year old machine doesn’t work on the brand new system-I guess we just don’t have the technology to run Photoshop 7 anymore ;p Scanner is pretty new though and I’ve tried a newer version of Photoshop-also crashes constantly…

Luckily my brother has a Windows 7 disk, so I may swap over to that. Windows 10 seems more worried about trying to sell me apps and games than with actually allowing me to do my work. Basically-avoid this OS like the plague. Phew-rant over-now, back to getting the next page finished (if I can make any progress without photoshop crashing again).

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