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Some sketches I did of the cult members. This is a loose confederation of fringe or extremist members from various religious groups. It doesn’t really have a name yet, but I’m thinking of something along the lines of ‘The Order of Decency’. They have very strong beliefs about the correct way to live and even stronger desire to force everyone to abide by these ideals.

The pipes allow the cultists to breath a special incense that enters them into a trance like state, increasing their strength and aggression and improving their resistance to the magic of hostile casters whilst at the same time making them more obedient to their leaders and more susceptible to spells cast by fellow faithful.

Prolonged use of this gas , which is imbued with holy energy, can have serious and detrimental effects on a user’s mental and physical health. Over time it erodes the will and the ability to make decisions, removing the burden of logic and personal responsibility from the user. This drug is called ‘faith’.
The inquisition soldiers that accompanied Nero back in Ch1 also used this gas (it’s quite common in the servants of certain churches).