Right-normal pages are starting up again not this Saturday but the one after(20th). I need to go back and make a couple of minor changes to these sheets-Rath needs two more feats (dodge and powerful charge (+D8 damage on the charge) and I’ve decided to boost Kazu’s str up to 18 as 15 just doesn’t seem quite right for her 🙂 She probably gave herself 15 but then it sproinged up to 18 again due to her orcy physique 😉

I hope I didn’t make any big mistakes on Vaznev-she’s quite complicated as she’s higher level.

She tends to use spring attacks and her reach and hold the line feat to wear an opponent down before delivering the killing blows with a full attack (dash in and attack with sword+shocking grasp-dash out with spring attack. Opponent charges in-Vaznev gets attack of opp with sword due to reach and unarmed strike kick due to hold the line.Next action she will step back 5ft and have a full attack with a blade of blood thrown in(she takes 5 HP-opponent takes an additional 3D6 damage on next attack to hit).

She power attacks most of the time. She will usually have a ‘shocking grasp’ loaded for her first strike(5D6 shock damage) and will use more shocking grasps and blade of blood spells to further enhance damage output.
She may also use swift invisibility at the end of an action against powerful opponents that may be susceptible. She uses swift fly and dimension hop to reach opponents that are difficult to get at (or to move to safety if needed). She may grapple magic users such as wizards rather than attacking with her sword if they are flying. She will often use ‘obscuring mist’ if an opponent relies on ranged attacks.

I haven’t given the full details of her sword. It’s effectively a +3 keen holy weapon though it has other (less useful)properties too.
The weapon stats are a bit OP at 2D8 damage with a 18-20 crit range but it’s a pretty special sword 😉

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