There are a lot of ‘last of their kind’ characters in BTB-although Rath and Perrick are only the last of their families rather than being the last of their species (like Neptunia and the Lapan). I guess a part of this is the nature of the world of BTB-a time of great expansion and growth for the civilised peoples of the world-particularly for the humans. It’s early industrial revolution/age of exploration and a vast world of resources is opening up to nations that in the past lacked the strength to explore such dangerous realms.

Now the advent of reliable industrial manufacture, the massed armies of citizen soldiers and the ready availability of black powder weapons has allowed the borders of the civilised world to press out into the wild places-creating a clash that has resulted in the destruction of many old ways of life and the dwindling of many ‘savage’ races. Change is the way of the world and the wheel of time turns ever on. Best be quick or it might run over your toes. Be quick or wear sturdy shoes. Hmm-very profound (strokes invisible beard).

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