His mother! Hmm-I see the resemblance I suppose. Doesn’t look like she approves of his choice of friends and it further doesn’t seem like Goret is making much of a defence of himself. I wonder how they’ll get out of this one? Find out soon-in BTB!

Warning-I’m participating in the ‘Valentines Day Sex Drive’-which is an annual event in which web comic creators post a sexy pinup of one of their characters for Valentines day-so this will be going up instead of one of the regular updates closer to Valnetine’s day (Sat the 13th)-just to warn you ahead of time so you don’t get confused by the sudden cut to a naked character 😉

The comic will continue as normal (hopefully) for quite a while again after this (I still have plenty of pages in reserve ;)). Any requests for a character/scenario? I’ll probably keep it within the realms of 15+ (in UK age rating terminology)-so a bit naughty but maybe not total full frontal-more pinup than hardcore porn. Let me know what you want anyway 🙂

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