I’m starting to realise why most web comics only publish 1 page per week. It’s really hard to make more than that! 🙁 I was hoping I could tough it out and keep going at 2 per week until the Patreon support allowed me to quit the day job but that doesn’t seem to be happening. The current Patreon support is REALLY helpful to me (it basically lets me keep making the comic) but unfortunately it’s not quite enough to live on yet.
I’d also like to keep intermissions to a minimum without lowering page quality-so-I’ve decided to try an experiment. I’m going to publish 2 pages per week as usual for the first two weeks of the month but then only one page per week in the 2nd two weeks. This way I should be able to sustain a publishing schedule for much longer without intermissions.

I actually think I won’t be publishing any fewer pages than usual (I certainly don’t intend to slack off on production) but this way the story will go on at a steadier pace-rather than grinding to a halt every two months or so.

Anyway-we’ll see how this works out. I hope you all understand-I’m still doing my best 🙂 If the Patreon ever reaches a livable level (say $1500 per month) I can do this full time and go back to 8 pages per month-but for now I think dropping it to a more reliable (and less sanity shattering) 6 pages per month is the best option 🙂

If you like what I do or would like a little more (or both!) and can spare a few bucks a month then you can back me on Patreon here- https://www.patreon.com/ByTheBook

A big ‘thank you!’ to all my existing Patrons-you make this possible 🙂

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