New page! Next page will be on Saturday. After that HOPEFULLY a couple of two page weeks 🙂 That weekend is pretty busy as I’m playing some 40k and D&D plus I have a bunch of overtime at my day job so that might push the Wednesday page back-Though I will do my best 🙂

Practicing for a doubles tournament at Warhammer world. I may not get tickets to go but I need to prepare in case I do. My half of the army is 1000 points of Imperial Guard (or Astra Millitarum). IG are my favourite army but most of the models I have are proxies and kit bashes. One army using a lot of WW1 themed models and the newer one using a lot of Napoleonic miniatures. As this one is at Warhammer world I have to use the official GW models. I like their stuff a lot but the IG models are not their best work.
I’ve already got a bunch of Catachans that I’ve had for ages (23 years?). I’ve stripped them, added some of the plastic figures to bring up the numbers and have green stuffed berets onto them (because berets are cool). They should look okay once they’re done. I’m going for a Commando/Parashute Regiment vibe with the berets 🙂

The D&D should be fun too. 5th ed rules. I’m going to be running a monk. The theme behind him will be ‘gentleman adventurer’. A fist fighting explorer with impeccable manners and an excellent taste in sharp suits.

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