I guess one of Midnight’s turn-ons is being defeated by a more powerful opponent. Being submissive once vanquished may be a trait common in lower ranking mountain gnoll. Liking the looks of your vanquisher also helps…She should really come out and say what she wants though. A definite ‘yes’ is always very important 🙂 But there’s no time for that now (maybe I can do something with it on Patreon some time…)-They’ve got heroes to save! Or a close aproximation of heroes at any rate… I wonder how close Yeshka and Arjuna are to level2? Must be fairly close after taking Midnight down.

I realise Midnight’s attire changed slightly from the last page but I drew her like that and liked it so there it is. I expect Yeshka removed what was left of her torso armour and shoulder pad as loot. It’s pretty advanced tech so even selling it as scrap should raise a bit of drinking money 😉

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