New page! Kislata and Mambasa get into a row over classes and the nature of power. Pladins were REALLY good in Pathfinder. I mean, they had the same save progression as a Cleric (which is one of the best) and also got to add their Charisma mod to all their saves. Plus they’re immune to fear. Plus they get smite and ‘lay on hands’ and channel energy and spells. And the same BAB, HP and weapon and armour profs as fighters.

5th ed is a lot better balanced and I prefer it overall-Though I’d maybe like a BIT more complexity. They finally made Fighters good in 5th ed-Which is really great 🙂 My Fighter/Rogue hand crossbow user kicks some serious ass! 😀

We are into the 2 page phase of the month again, so the next page should be out on Wednesday. It’s like in ‘Rock’nRoll Racing’ when you finish the lap and your nitros get replenished. We can burn those nitro charges and speed up for a bit. Anyone ever play that game? One of the greats from back in the day :)-

Thanks for voting, everyone-You’ve done an amazing job! Keep at it! 😀 I should have a new vote pic done by Wedneday.





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