New page! I’m running a bit behind as I had a 40k doubles event on Sunday. As a result, Sats page will be out on Sunday (hopefully) and the vote pic is not quite done yet (but it will be soon :)). I’ve been slogging my guts out for the last three days but it hasn’t been enough 🙁 Not to worry-I’ll catch up on myself. I was tempted to make this a one page week (which would have been more sensible) but I wanted to get some pages down, damn it! 😀

For anyone that cares, the doubles was great fun but my team did pretty badly (we won one game out of three). All three games were very close though, which was nice. A close game that I lose is better than winning a game by miles. Game two was less fun as my big giant tank got blown up before it got to do anything, but it was still entertaining trying to win with the pathetic handfull of survivors I had left.
The big tank (a Shadowsword) is not really an optimal choice but it’s a lot of fun. I even managed to run a bunch of orks over with it in one game. It’s hard not to have a smile on your face when you can run orks over in a giant tank 🙂

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