New page! Looks like those dastardly nuns don’t intend to leave empty handed! What a pair of total and utter dastards!

We’re into the one page per week phase of the month again I’m afraid-So next update will be out on Saturday πŸ™‚ Please vote as often as you can and back me on Patreon if you can manage it. Every dollar makes a difference. I’ll keep making the comic one way or another, but finding the time is a lot easier when I can spend less time earning money doing other work πŸ™‚ The more help I can get, the more time I have to make comic pages πŸ™‚ Thanks to my existing Patrons and thanks for taking the time to read my comic to everyone else πŸ™‚






I’ve been streaming on Picarto. I should go to the doctors about that really. No! Shut it! Gotta stop with the dad jokes for long enough to tell you all that you can watch me draw on Picarto if you don’t have anything better to do 🙂 Check it out here-

A big β€˜Thank you!’ to all my existing Patrons-you make this possible 🙂