New page! The Queen is dead! That’s an impressive feat for Moroz-Who was well outside her league when it came the power. I guess her cunning tipped the balance 😉 One step closer to unraveling the mystery of ‘Mortubera and the Carnival of Doom!’ (as this adventure path is called).

Song of the day-‘It was the Death of a Bat Queen’ sung to the tune of ‘Death of a Rude Boy’ by Madness’-

You may have noticed that I’m sticking to one page per week for the moment. This is down to having to do some other stuff to make ends meet but it’s also allowing me to take a bit of extra time on the pages and feel a but less crushed under the pressure. I may try to get back to 6 pages per month at some point, but under current conditions I’ll stick to 4. I almost have next week’s page finished as I write this and a page of the bonus ‘Space Adventure’ comic is mostly drawn out, so I’m not slowing down on the work. Just keeping to a slightly slower and much more reliable release schedule. Hopefully this is okay 🙂 I thought it’d be better to say something rather than just keep going and not mention it. As I said, hopefully it’s a temporary state of affairs 🙂

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