Moroz uses some cunning and a little magic to get out of a jam. ‘Quick Invisibility’  is a spell that renders the user invisible (as one might expect) but only for one round per level. One of the big advantages is that it can be cast as a ‘quick action’ -meaning the user can cast another spell (or attack) , move and cast this spell all in one round. I like quick spells a lot-I’d like to see more of them in Pathfinder (as long as they’re not too powerful).

I guess Goret’s lucky that only the dwarf is chasing him. I guess everyone else is too busy watching the giant rage wolf that;’s currently marauding about the place 😉 Dwarfs are implacable, but also rather slow.


May need to start working on a Halloween pic soon as Autumn seems to have just about run it’s course. I’m open to suggestions 🙂

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