New page! 5 more to go (I think) and we made it to chapters end! It’ll almost be Christmas by then too-hurray! I hope I get that Imperial storm trooper model kit I had my eye on. It’ll probably be coal again. Santa seems to take a dim view when it comes to drawing scantily clad tieflings 😉

So-Vaznev leaves, closely followed by the doggedly (or should that be rabitly)determined officer bunny britches(his official designation at the moment), leaving Sir Tane stunned and unable to move! The Lapan really needs a name at some point. Not that he’s ever properly introduced himself, but he will one day.

I’ll probably go the ‘Watership Down’ rout with the Lapan as a race and have them named after plants for the most part-or at least use plants for one of the names. Maybe a clan name and a given name, with the given name being a plant ‘Bramble’ or Strawberry’ or the like. Don’t know yet. Plenty of time to think about that (and for you guys to weigh in on the subject if you like ;)).

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