I’ve been using my new computer. The scanner doesn’t work and photoshop crashed yesterday but I’ve sorted out a lot of little kinks and problems with it (like everything looking too yellow in photoshop). Took a lot of time though-so I’m now very low on pages indeed. I was hoping to manage one more scene before another break, but I don’t think that’ll be possible now. I’ll finish this scene and call an intermission of three weeks or so. Three more pages after this one and then intermission time again.

On the plus side, while I like putting out pages more, I’ve found the intermissions are a good opportunity to flesh out certain aspects of the world and characters, so they’re certainly not a waste of time. I’ll be adding to the character guid and I’ll answer more questions from before (and maybe some new ones if anybody wants to ask the cast anything).

After that it’ll be business as usual again. Back to the mountain gnolls-then Rath&co-then maybe Bork/Yeshka&co 🙂

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